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Window Security for Homes & Domestic Buildings

Posted 3rd January 2017 by Helen Leach
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The final part of our series aimed at helping you choose the right window security solution for your premises looks at domestic applications, including houses, flats and outbuildings like garages.

Be sure to read the rest of the series which focuses on window security for shops and retail outlets, industrial buildings and offices too.

We all like to fell secure in our homes, safe from burglary and unwanted intruders. As with any building, windows offer a route into our homes and more and more people are looking at security options to protect their premises and belongings.

At the same time, nobody wants their house to look like a fortress or prison, so choosing the right window security option – one that provides maximum protection without compromising the look of the home – is a delicate business.

Cost, too, is an important factor. Few of us have the budgets of a business to spend on securing our property.

At Window Security Solutions, we have a number of options available that will give you peace of mind without spoiling your home.

Ground Floor Windows

The most obvious point of access for any intruder, ground floor windows need a strong defensive barrier, a visual deterrent and shouldn’t compromise the aesthetics of a home.

The size of the windows in question also comes into play. For large living room windows, bay windows and even patio doors we recommended retractable window grilles, while for smaller windows removable window bars would be suitable.

Retractable window grilles can be installed internally and provide a strong barrier via their lattice construction and high-grade steel materials and a strong visual deterrent. They are available in standard or insurance approved options.

When you’re home or during the day, the grilles can be ‘rolled back’ making them nearly invisible to anyone inside or out. Simply roll them back into place and lock them when you’re away from you home or at night. Though of course, you could leave them closed at all times as they do let through a lot of light.

Removable window bars offer similar levels of security but are designed to be a more permanent measure. Though the bars can be removed for occasional access through windows, they are best suited to smaller windows such as kitchens and smaller living room windows.

There are two other options you could consider – Hammerglass or Hammerglass Window Shield. These would be more expensive but they offer even greater security and come without the hassle of closing and opening grilles or removing bars.

Hammerglass, which features in both products, is a nearly unbreakable replacement for normal glazing – up to 300 times stronger in fact.

Typically used on commercial buildings, there’s no reason either security option can’t be used on homes too.

Hammerglass itself is self-explanatory, you simply replace your existing glazing and never worry about anyone breaking a window to gain entry to your home again.

Hammerglass Window Guard is slightly more affordable. It features the same near unbreakable benefits but is fitted in its own frame over your existing windows. Slightly more obvious to the naked eye, but just as strong.

Upper Floor Windows

While a less accessible and obvious entry point to intruders, if you’re concerned about the security of your home and your possessions, upper floor windows need to be considered too.

Any of the security solutions explained above would be suitable, but they are alternative, more permanent options you could consider.

Our recommendation here would be externally fixed window bars that offer a visible deterrent to would-be burglars and prevent anyone gaining entry from second or third-floor windows. While they may affect the look of a home, this may be less of a consideration on upper floor windows.

They are a less costly option too, which may make them an attractive alternative for homeowners.

Garages & External Buildings

It’s likely that if you’re looking at window security for garages and the like, aesthetics are less of a concern than protecting your property.

Our recommendation for domestic buildings such as these is the highly affordable but very secure Crimeshield.

Crimeshield’s perforated screen protects the window against blows, rocks or even air gun pellets. The durable, metal screen is mounted in front of behind existing windows and the fixings are neatly recessed within the frame and finished with a cap and can be made to fit most window sizes.

Whatever your domestic security concerns, call our experts today on 0161 413 0766 to discover the best solution for your or to get a FREE Online Quote.