Window Security for the Home

There’s no place like home and everyone deserves the right to feel safe in their own home so when your house falls victim to a burglary or vandalism, this can be a highly unsettling experience.

At Window Security Solutions, we’ve helped many homeowners who have been broken into or homeowners who are looking to improve the security of their home in general.

We understand how harrowing experiencing a break-in can be which is why we pride ourselves on our ethical customer service by providing a quick response, supportive advice and a helping hand from start to finish.

Whether it’s more traditional security options such as retractable grilles and window bars or if you’re looking for something more modern and aesthetically-pleasing such as Hammerglass and Roller Shutters, we’ll make sure we find your ideal window security solution to help you feel secure in your home.

Product Recommendations for Residential Properties

Retractable Grilles

Available in both standard and insurance approved options, our grilles are designed to provide security as and when required.

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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters are becoming more popular for homeowners to provide a strong deterrent and a solid level of physical security which can be hidden away when required.

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300 times stronger than ordinary glass and virtually unbreakable, Hammerglass replaces existing glass in window units, ideal for vandalism in problem areas.

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