Hammerglass Security Products

Glass is a material which features in everyday life. The window you look out of, the mirror you look into, the building you stand in, the shop you’re browsing.

It’s an important component in architecture. A glass window can provide the perfect lighting, ventilation or view.

But the one, major flaw in glass is its vulnerability. Glass can be easily smashed, broken into or compromised – damaging the aesthetic of the building and allowing entry to cause further damage. This problem is eliminated with Hammerglass.

Hammerglass is a durable, clear poly-carbonate sheet which is 300 times stronger than normal glass and is virtually unbreakable.

Hammerglass has a unique surface coating which is resistant to most chemicals and provides a 99.96% UV protection to prevent clouding – a common issue with standard polycarbonate and provides the same aesthetics as regular glass.

With a number of different glazing options and finishes available, Hammerglass can be used for windows and much more.

Hammerglass Product Options

Single Glazing

A single pane of Hammerglass designed to be re-glazed into existing window frames. This is particularly ideal for listed buildings as installation will not compromise the existing architecture of the building.

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Insulate Glazing

Hammerglass Insulate can come in double or triple glazing options. This can be made up in a glass of choice e.g. heat reducing, Low-E, laminated, privacy glass etc.

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Window Guard

Hammerglass Window Guard is installed over existing windows using a cold-rolled steel plate. This is designed to complement existing glazing and offers a discrete alternative to roller shutters or grilles.

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High Security

Hammerglass High Security is available in both Bullet Resistant and Blast Resistant options for premises which require high-level security measures such as government buildings, banks, high-target locations etc.

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What can Hammerglass be used for?