Window Security for Education

When a building such as a Primary School or High School falls victim to vandalism or theft, it’s not just the cost of repairs and replacements which is a problem, but the knock-on effect this has with time and money being taken away from each child’s learning.

We’ve worked with a number of educational buildings from Primary Schools to Universities who’ve fallen victim to repeated vandalism or burglaries.

The challenges these educational buildings face in finding the perfect balance between securing their buildings whilst steering clear from a ‘prison-like’ aesthetic is often a concern raised.

From Crimeshield which is fitted over existing glazing to protect a window from vandalism┬áto Roller Shutters installed externally for solid security or internally in cafeterias to add an extra layer of fire protection, we’re sure to help you find the best solution to improve the safety and security of your building for your staff and students.

Product Recommendations for Education


An Industry accredited crime prevention solution comprising of a perforated metal screen, which gives the impression of tinted glass from a distance.

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Roller Shutters

Available in a wide range of styles and finishes including steel and aluminium, as well as sound and insulated and fire rated versions.

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Retractable Grilles

Available in both standard and insurance approved options, the security grilles are designed to let maximum light in, perfect for ground floor windows.

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