Window Security for Retail

In retail, first appearances are everything. A shop front window can turn passersby into potential customers. A shop front window, however, can also be your businesses most vulnerable location.

From smash and grab robberies to vandalism, retail stores are a high target for thieves and vandals due to the high-value items and rewards which await them in window displays or inside the store.

At Window Security Solutions, we’ve worked with many retail stores from Bond Street Jewellers to big names on the high street who have fallen victim to robberies and repeated vandalism which results in continuously paying money to replace the existing glazing.

With smash and grab robberies hitting the headlines and the high streets, Hammerglass is the ideal solution providing all the aesthetics of regular glass with virtually unbreakable properties to add making it ideal for storefront windows, high-value display cabinets, balustrades and more.

Product Recommendations for Retail


300 times stronger than ordinary glass and virtually unbreakable, Hammerglass can be used in windows, display cabinets and more to prevent smash and grab robberies.

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Retractable Grilles

Retractable Grilles are a classic deterrent in stores with the positive of being hidden away during operating hours to not compromise appearance.

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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters provide a tough physical barrier against vandalism and theft during closing hours deterring away any potential thieves or vandals who want to target your store.

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