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Posted 15th October 2021 by Victoria Lysons
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In our latest Case Study, Window Security Solutions (WSS) wanted to highlight an installation at one of the United Kingdom’s esteemed universities. Our ever reliable, Artur, took the call and progressed the enquiry through to a successful conclusion.

WSS was recommended to this organisation by the local constabulary reflecting our reputation and trustworthiness by police forces nationwide. We provide ethical and honest advice on the most suited security products, leaving clients in no doubt that they can put their faith in us to make the environment a safer place.

As with many further educational establishments, there was an evaluation of protection and security undertaken. An immediate improvement was felt to be the need to add to existing measures, and put in additional physical security to the offices. Clearly, the need for such was a prerequisite, but the briefing also included a desire for solutions that would be both aesthetically suitable and somewhat discrete in appearance. This design requirement was taken into account from the onset.

It is worth noting that on this occasion, the installation was not straight forward. We pride ourselves on bespoke solution to any setting. The Client was also considering electrical shutters, but the openings were not suitable. We also negotiated on best-value to afford a budget consistent with their aspirations. Compliance with Covid-19 protocol and risk assessments were followed throughout. The University decided to go ahead with eight insurance-approved retractable grilles. Retractable grilles are a classic security solution favoured by many because they provide a strong physical and visual deterrent against vandals and thieves when the building is unoccupied. However, when the building is in use, the grilles can fold away to ensure visually they are relatively attractive.

Confidentiality has been respected in compilation of this Case Study.

The Client commented on completion:

“The window grilles look good in an office/laboratory environment and don’t have an ‘industrial’ look. Our existing roller blinds are still useable as the grilles were installed in front of the blind mechanisms and take seconds to unlock. The install went smoothly, the installers provided clear user instructions.”

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