Window Security for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare buildings such as Hospitals and GP Clinics contain high-value equipment, confidential information and access to pharmaceuticals which have to be made secure against potential thieves.

From small GP Clinics to larger Hospitals, we’ve worked with numerous healthcare buildings to secure their facilities.

Hammerglass is one of our most versatile products for larger healthcare environments allowing for unbreakable mirrors in sensitive locations such as psychiatric wards, unbreakable cabinets for rooms storing drugs and medicines and unbreakable windows and roofing options to improve the security of your building without compromising its design.

Crimeshield is another favoured product which we’ve installed in medical centres in high-crime areas which have fallen victim to vandalism or break-ins, installing over existing window frames and protecting the glass from rocks and blows.

Product Recommendations for Healthcare Facilities


An Industry accredited crime prevention solution comprising of a perforated metal screen, which gives the impression of tinted glass from a distance.

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300 times stronger than ordinary glass and virtually unbreakable, Hammerglass replaces existing glass in window units, ideal for vandalism in problem areas.

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Fixed Bars

Unlike many cheaply-made alternatives on the market, our Premium Fixed Window Bars are made from solid steel to offer a high level of security.

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