Window Security for Office Buildings

The workplace is the heart of a business. Offices contain high-value technology such as computers, tablets and screens as well as holding stock, valuable information and money on site – which makes them a prime target to potential thieves.

At Window Security Solutions, we’ve worked with many businesses to provide them with a number of different security solutions to make their business more secure and to protect their assets.

Whether your sole goal is to increase your visual security to act as a deterrent to crime or you want your window security to not affect the aesthetic of your business, we can provide it all.

All our products are bespoke and most of them can be provided in any RAL colour to match your business’s brand and keep in cohesion with the design of your building.

From Roller Shutters to Crimeshield, our solutions are installed in office buildings across the UK, improving security and protecting their business.

Product Recommendations for Office Buildings

Retractable Grilles

Available in both standard and insurance approved options, our security grilles offer the ideal visual and physical deterrent for offices.

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Roller Shutters

Our Roller Shutters are available in a range of styles and finishes including steel and aluminium, and sound and insulated and fire rated versions and can be customised in design and colour.

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An Industry accredited crime prevention solution comprising of a perforated metal screen, which gives the impression of tinted glass from a distance.

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