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Car Parts Shop Chooses Roller Shutters to Improve Security

Posted 18th March 2021 by Mark Enright
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After worrying about the security of his car parts business, Sean found Window Security Solutions online and requested a quotation for roller shutters through our online calculator.

Our Window Security Specialist, Artur Grenda, got in touch with him to provide the details of his quotation as well as to find out more about what Sean needed for his business.

“I looked for security for my business as I lived a good distance away and needed security I could rely on”. – Sean

The business itself is a car parts shop, meaning that high-value items are stored inside making it a tempting target for potential thieves.

After consulting with Artur, Sean chose to go for three aluminium roller shutters, one for the doorway and two for the front windows. Aluminium Roller Shutters are ideal for retail businesses because they provide one of the strongest physical and visual deterrents against vandals and thieves when the business is closed; but allows windows and doors to be unobstructed during opening times. Additionally, our roller shutters can be powder-coated to complement the look of a shop which Sean took advantage of, choosing a bright blue to match his shop front.

Like many people who are looking to invest in security, Sean wasn’t looking to jump the gun. Unexpected uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic also meant that it was seven months from his initial quotation on our website before he was able to go ahead with his quotation. However, we were sure to keep in touch with him along the way which he very much appreciated.

“Window Security Solutions is a good, friendly business and I’m very happy with their service.”.

Once he decided to go ahead with his quotation, Sean received a visit from our site surveyor who confirmed the sizing required for the shop before the product was manufactured. A few weeks following the initial site survey, the product was ready to be fitted.

The Final Result…

Blue Aluminium Roller Shutters

The overall look is very effective and provides not only a strong security barrier for the shop but peace of mind for Sean when he isn’t at the site.

Sean was thrilled with the result “The final look is very good and I’m very happy with the deal I got.”

If, like Sean, you are looking for a solution to make your business more secure, please get in touch with us to see how we can help on 0161 869 6550 or send an email to



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