security for adult care

Window Security for Residential Care

In Residential Care Buildings, the safety and security of your residents is number one priority.

From Nursing Homes for the elderly to Care Homes for vulnerable adults and children with special needs, we’ve worked with various care facilities all which had unique requirements or uses for window security.

We understand that in care settings, every need is different. In the past, we’ve used combinations of our different Window Security products which aren’t conventionally used together to help get the right security and safety solution specific to each individual’s requirements.

Whether it’s Crimeshield and Hammerglass combined to create a super solid glazing option with added privacy or the more classic Retractable Grilles for an extra layer of security, we’ll find you the best solution to improve the safety of your building.

Product Recommendations for Residential Care Buildings


300 times stronger than ordinary glass and virtually unbreakable, Hammerglass replaces existing glass in window units, ideal for vandalism in problem areas.

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An Industry accredited crime prevention solution comprising of a perforated metal screen, which gives the impression of tinted glass from a distance.

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Retractable Grilles

Available in both standard and insurance approved options, the security grilles are designed to let maximum light in, perfect for ground floor windows.

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