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Hammerglass - Single Glazing

If aesthetics are an issue when selecting the type of window protection to install at your establishment, then Hammerglass offers the perfect solution. It provides an invisible deterrent against vandalism and casual intruder entry, looking like standard glazing from a distance.

Hammerglass offers virtually unbreakable, bullet and blast resistant* glazing solutions to anyone in need of protection against broken glass and burglary. Our customers include local authorities, schools, shops, businesses, public buildings and individuals who face high costs for replacing glass panes after vandalism and burglary attempts.  (*non-scientific test)

What Is Hammerglass?

Hammerglass must NOT be confused with regular polycarbonate.  Regular uncoated or thin coated polycarbonate quickly becomes yellow and abrades easily over time.  Hammerglass is a specially coated polycarbonate sheet and its coating consists of a silicone oxide layer, which is similar to glass. This combination provides unique qualities.

Hammerglass Benefits

  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • Lightweight – half the weight of normal glass (density 1,2 kg/m2/mm).
  • Safe and easy to handle, cut and install.
  • Graffiti resistant – as easy as cleaning a whiteboard.
  • UV resistant – 99.96%.
  • High optical clarity – Very high light transmittance
  • Self-extinguishing – Does not contribute to the spread of fire.

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  • Hammerglass is suited to retail and commercial buildings in high crime areas - it provides excellent protection and is almost indistinguishable from ordinary glass.
  • Hammerglass is available in multiple thicknesses up to 15mm, as well as double and triple glazed units.
  • Can be used to glaze structures such as balustrades and shelters for use as screening.


  • Approved according to EN-356 in the following security classes:
    • 6mm Hammerglass Single P7B.
    • 8-12mm Hammerglass Single P8B (equivalent to Protection Level 3, the highest safety rating for anti burglary grilles and shutters).
  • Hammerglass is also certified according to British Police standards “Secured by Design.”
  • ISO: 9001:2008:14001:2004 Laser marked with logo and serial number for traceability.
  • 10 year warranty - Single Glazing.
  • 5 year warranty - Double Glazing.

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