Can Window Security Look Good?

Posted 5th October 2016 by Helen Leach
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One of the biggest concerns people raise with us when discussing window security is how it’s going to look. Most people want their home or business premises to be as secure as possible but not many are willing to trade off they way the property actually looks.

Take a high street shop. They often have large street-facing windows in which to display their goods and services, creating a weak point in the building’s security. It would be easy for a thief to smash that window, gain entry and run off with the merchandise.

Cardea11July (81)The solution shops take is usually roller shutters which, unless suitably decorated, are admittedly unattractive. Because of this, some shop owners prefer to leave their security to chance and the window(s) unprotected.

Aesthetics is a concern for offices too. Nobody wants to work in what can often look like a prison when strong security solutions like window bars are fitted, so some owners choose not to, leaving a gaping hole in their security.

In houses, windows present an opportunity to would-be burglars and thieves but few homeowners understandably want to spoil the look of their homes with ‘ugly’ window security measures.

There are, however, solutions for all these scenarios.

Attractive and total window security

Let’s take each case highlighted above one by one.

High Street Stores & Shops

There are a number of window security options available to shops and retail stores that aren’t aesthetically displeasing like roller shutters. One, though, is almost completely invisible and yet just as, if not more, secure than shutters.

Hammerglass replaces the normal pane of glass in a large shop front window, providing a near-impregnable barrier to burglars and even ram raiders.

Not only is Hammerglass 300 TIMES stronger than normal glass, it weighs half as much and brings with it a host of other benefits – it’s graffiti resistant and can be cleaned as easily as a whiteboard, it’s 99.96% UV resistant, provides high optical clarity and is self-extinguishing, so it won’t contribute to the spread of fire.

More importantly though, it is virtually indistinguishable from normal glass and won’t yellow with age, unlike regular uncoated or thinly coated polycarbonate solutions. That means shop owners can show off their window displays in total security without compromising the look of the shop.

And for shops with smaller windows? There’s always Hammerglass Window Shield, providing the same level of window security but without having to replace existing glass. Hammerglass Window Shield is secured over existing windows in its own, extremely strong frame.

Offices (and public buildings like schools, colleges and hospitals)


While fixed window bars do provide an extremely high level of security they are not always the ideal solution for buildings where people spend a lot of their time.

A couple of alternatives we would recommend would be removable window bars or Crime Shield. The former provides the same security as fixed bars but with an innovative locking system that allows the bars to be removed when the premises is in use and quickly put back at the end of the day when the premises will be empty, whether fitted internally or externally.

Crime Shield is fitted externally over existing windows, consisting of a sturdy, perforated metal screen, giving the impression of tinted glass from a distance but close up a visible deterrent to prospective thieves and vandals.

In The Home

The home is where aesthetics matter the most but sometimes we also want the peace of mind that window security can be bring. So how do we get one without sacrificing the other?

Retractable window grilles are one way. They can be fitted internally and provide a decent level of window security while also offering a comparatively attractive appearance, far better suited to this type of premises. In addition, if required, a simple locking mechanism allows the grilles to be retracted like curtains to offer an unrestricted view out of the window.

As you can see, window security can look good and you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics to enjoy peace of mind.

Speak to Window Security Solutions today about your security needs or get a free quote online – be safe in our knowledge.