XLR Executive Jet Centres: Using Crimeshield in a Different Way

Posted 4th October 2018 by Helen Leach
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Our customer is a private aviation company which offers a number of elite services to their executive travel clients, which includes stylish executive lounges.

We were approached by this customer who had a rather unconventional use for window security, but still, had a problem which needed a solution – and here at Window Security Solutions – we relish a challenge.

The room in question was an ‘animal lounge’ style room where pets are kept before flights. Our customer needed a solution which would protect the glass window and frames, whilst still allowing for the window to be open for ventilation and eliminating the risk of scratch on glass or frames in addition to animals escaping.

After consultation with one of our window security specialists, Artur Grenda, and our window security fitter, Barry O’Donnell, we suggest Crimeshield.

Crimeshield is a perforated steel mesh which gives the impression of ‘tinted-glass’ from a distance whilst providing a tough physical barrier to prevent any potential damage from rock, blocks or even air gun pellets, so of course, it guaranteed protection from four-legged friends!

The environment of private aviation dictated that aesthetic and design was essential to our customer. As security wasn’t at the forefront of their requirements, our team presented the idea of using Crimeshield Mesh only, which was installed using a strong Velcro – allowing the customer to remove and replace as and when the screen is needed.

XLR’s Project Manager was thrilled with the final result:

“The overall experience was absolutely flawless. The team were highly professional and friendly, and they were quick to understand our needs as a business. Artur suggested something that was a lot better than the initial idea in mind, which made the product a lot more beautiful. We work in private aviation, so the high-end design plays a big part in our business”.

“I would like to thank particularly Artur and the fitter, Barry, for making the whole process stress free and for understanding the urgency of our project straight away. Everybody in the team was impressed with the end result and we will definitely use your company again in the near future”.

If you have any unique requirements for window security that you believe we might be able to help with, please get in touch on 0161 869 6550 or by email.

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