Nottingham Dessert Café hit by Vandalism Twice in 2 Weeks

Posted 23rd May 2016 by Helen Leach
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An all you can eat dessert cafe in Nottingham has suffered from vandalism twice in as many weeks, reports the Nottingham Post.

£1,500 cost to OMG Cheescakes Image Credit: Nottingham Post

Image Credit: Nottingham Post

The cafe, called OMG Cheesecakes, had to delay its opening after the first attack on May 7th. The resulting cost to replace the windows was £1,500. The second attack on May 16th saw all six of the cafe’s windows broken, costing the business even more.

The vandalism underlines the need for businesses to invest in window security as a priority. With various options available it’s possible for businesses like OMG Cheescakes to save themselves thousands of pounds in the long run.

It’s not just replacing the windows – there’s the cost of security call-outs, installation and potentially having your business shut for a period of time.

At Window Security Safety we supply many businesses like the Nottingham cafe with window security options to suit many needs.

They include roller shutters for windows, Vandal Shield, Hammerglass and Hammerglass Window Guard.

For cafes, where external aesthetics are a factor, we would recommend investing in Hammerglass, a virtually unbreakable glass that almost indistinguishable from normal glass.

Hammerglass is vandal proof, bullet and blast resistant and graffiti proof. It’s also lightweight, half the weight of ordinary glass and easy to handle, cut and install.

This video demonstrates the strength of Hammerglass:

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