Roller Shutters: A Buyer’s Guide

Posted 7th January 2016 by Helen Leach
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If you’re seeking a security solution for your home or business that offers both aesthetic appeal and maximum protection, you may want to consider roller shutters. The options are virtually unlimited – they can be installed internally or externally, over both windows and doors. They’re easy to tuck away out of sight when not in use, and they can be powder coated in a large range of hues to match your design scheme.

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Because they’re so versatile and offer a large range of installation choices, you may feel spoiled for choice and wondering where to begin. We’ve created a buyer’s guide to help you decide which roller shutters would work best for you.

The first question you should consider is whether your property is commercial or residential.

Then you should ask yourselves these questions:

What level of security is required?

How much protection do you need from heat, light or sound?

Do you need your displays to be visible during non-trading hours?

Commercial Premises

Are you looking for a way to keep your shop or other commercial business secure whilst ensuring your displays are visible, even during non-trading hours?

Punched or Perforated Aluminium shutters enable you to protect your business against unauthorised access and vandalism, yet still maintain a high level of visibility. Knowing you can close up the building securely at night, whilst keeping your merchandise on display to entice potential customers back during trading hours, offers peace of mind. What’s more, security staff will be able to see at a glance that the interior of the property is secure. Very quiet in operation, these security shutters are also aesthetically pleasing, as they can be powder coated in a wide range of colours, to match the overall look of your business.

Punched or perforated shutters are ideal for shop fronts, bar counters, serveries, or any type of business requiring you to keep displays visible whilst providing a good level of security.

If you need insulation against sound or temperature, Foam Filled Aluminium shutters offer an ideal solution in situations where a lower level of security is adequate. As a budget-friendly option, these shutters are often used in office settings, on internal doors or windows, to divide work areas, act as sunshade, or provide privacy.

If fire safety is your primary concern, you’ll want to consider Fire Rated shutters. Designed to close on a signal from the fire alarm system, these shutters are tested to achieve four hours resistance to fire. By compartmentalising the building, fire-rated shutters help prevent fire from spreading rapidly, allowing anyone on the premises to evacuate as safely as possible. These are an ideal choice for crowded locations such as shopping centres or restaurants.

Residential Premises

If you’re fitting a home, you have a range of options in terms of garage and home roller shutters, either automatic or manually operated, that are simple to use, aesthetically pleasing and deliver reliability and security.

Extruded Aluminium shutters are ideal for residential doors, windows and patio doors. Designed to operate quietly, these medium-security shutters also fold up neatly above the window or doorway where they are installed, meaning they are a discreet and tidy security solution. Available in an array of powder-coated colours, extruded shutters are an attractive solution that also provide a visual deterrent to would-be burglars, helping to prevent unauthorised access and vandalism.

For the garage, Insulated Roller Garage Doors offer excellent levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a high degree of security against break-ins. Compared to traditional ‘up and over’ garage doors, roller doors take up less space inside your garage, and allow you to park right up against the front of the garage door. They’re operated by a convenient remote system and fitted with an optical safety edge – if the door comes into contact with anything, it will simply stop and retract, providing an added measure of peace of mind. Roller garage doors are available in a wide range of colours and attractive wood grain finishes to complement your home.


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