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Posted 23rd September 2015 by Helen Leach
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Every year, the safety and security industry turns to RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) awards in order to keep abreast of the latest demands and expectations in current designs. The awards tend to showcase a mix of buildings with different purposes and designs, all of which will require some level of security.

This year’s awards have seen a considerable number of new build, residential and urban properties and it is these which have most interested us in 2015.

Ashmount Primary School, designed by Penoyre & Prasad architects  Ashmount primary school

This new look London school and nursery has benefitted from a scheme to draw natural light into its classrooms while revealing views of the surrounding woodland. At the lower level, a double-height, multi-purpose room opens onto the playground. Higher up, the building is composed of three wings of classrooms radiating out from a central point, which also contains the entrance, library and auditorium. Given the use of this building, to educate and protect young children on a daily basis, window security is paramount.

Lancaster University Engineering Building, designed by John McAslan + Partners architects Lancaster University_Engineering Department

This architectural project successfully brings together labs, workshops and offices, transforming this university facility into a vibrant educational experience where students, staff and visitors experience the learning process almost as if in a science museum. Universities such as Lancaster typically house expensive equipment, which is why theft prevention is vital when it comes to safeguarding specialist faculty buildings from would-be thieves.

The National Theatre, designed by Haworth Tompkins architects

The re-organisation of the front-of-house areas gives this London theatre a sense of arrival it never had   before. The new fThe National Theatre London oyer bay windows feel authentic, as well as adding valuable room. All of this was made possible by adding a workshop to the rear and a public route through it that leads to previously unseen back-of-house spaces. Theatres such as this one are home to expensive lighting, sounds systems, props and costumes, which is why it is essential to take proper steps to prevent them from becoming a target for crime, specifically burglaries.

Crimeshield – discreet and unobtrusive window security 

If your property or premises has ever been burgled or vandalised, you will understand the distress, anxiety and expense which it can cause. The dilemma is this, how do you protect buildings such as the ones detailed above and their contents without erecting ugly window bars which make living or working there unattractive? This is why Window Security & Safety  has developed Crimeshield, a highly effective security window grill which is both discreet and unobtrusive.

Prevent Vandalism and smashed windows Vandalism

Crimeshield’s main purpose is to prevent vandalism and smashed windows and it does this in two ways. First of all, it acts as a deterrent. From a distance, Crimeshield has the appearance of tinted glass but as you get closer its security properties become visible as a tough and impenetrable mesh grille, which is fixed in front of the window frame. This is sufficient to deter most would-be thieves. If the vandal or burglar still attempts to break the glass, the added protection prevents access being gained and offers strength against blows from rocks and even air gun pellets. Every Crimeshield is made specifically for the window to which it is fitted, further ensuring the property retains its attractiveness.

We all value security, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of ruining your property’s aesthetics. With the window security options available at Window Security & Safety, both objectives can be achieved.

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