Hammerglass vs Normal Glass

Posted 7th September 2015 by Helen Leach
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When it comes to your business, protecting your premises should be at the top of the agenda.

No business wants to deal with the unfortunate possibility of vandals, but as summer comes to a close we have had to bear witness to some upsetting acts of vandalism that have swept the North West.

You only need to look at the well-documented reports of random acts of defacing that have occurred within public transport this summer. Metrolink trams in Manchester has been subject to a spate of window smashing in June leading to delays across the whole service. Such news highlights the need to protect business premises not only for financial reason but also to mitigate problems of having unhappy customers which in turn can affect reputation and physical image.

Metrolink quote_1

Metrolink quote_2

(Source: Manchester Evening News)

So Why Hammerglass?

Here at Window Security Safety, we want to offer a solution to your problem before any acts of violence take place, preventing vandals from having the ability to inflict substantial damage that could lead to further problems. Hammerglass is one of many of our window security products catered to protect your business premises from the threat of these attacks.

Virtually Unbreakable

The tough, robust glass is virtually unbreakable making it much stronger and resilient than normal glass to not only prevent window smashes, but also to provide increased safety protection. Hammerglass is certified according to Security Class P8B (equivalent to the highest safety rating for grilles and rolling shutters), proven to sustain its integrity through more than 70 axe blows.

For public transport operators, Hammerglass  is the perfect solution for those safety concerns, protecting vehicles and passengers from the dangerous acts of violence taking place. Demonstrating its strength, Hammerglass has already been installed to Ferromex trains, Mexico’s biggest railway company.

The FAB of Hammer Glass

Feature: Abrasion resistant polycarbonate

Advantage: 300 times stronger than glass

Benefit: Prevents break-ins and smashed windows and not at the detriment of the aesthetics of the business premises. 

Could Hammerglass benefit your business? Get in touch with our dedicated team by email: info@windowsecuritysafety.co.uk or call us on 0161 413 0766.