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Why Are Schools Such Attractive Targets for Burglars?

Posted 28th May 2019 by Helen Leach

The way children are taught in schools has changed a lot in the past 10 to 20 years.

Building design and facilities have become more modernised but most importantly, the integration of technology with education has become as prominent as ever.

It is a rare occurrence for schools to not be filled with top of the range computers such as Apple Macs and Chromebooks as well as tablets such as iPads and Samsung Galaxy’s – all which aid children’s education in 2019.

Most classrooms will now have at least one computer used by the teacher and then there’s the addition of ICT rooms and libraries, which on their own will contain dozens of expensive electronics.


The High Street Shop Being Vandalised by their own Customers

Posted 24th May 2019 by Victoria Lysons

On the high street, when a shop front window is smashed, this is more often than not carried out by opportunistic thieves who want to get their hands on high-value goods or by mindless vandals who want to cause destruction no matter the target.

These attacks are often carried out during the night when the shop has closed and no one is around to witness the crime. (more…)

Exams Affected after Primary School is Forced to Close Following Burglary

Posted 13th May 2019 by Helen Leach

A York Primary School has been forced to close its doors today following a break-in over the weekend.

Dringhouses Primary School had its windows smashed and offices ransacked during the break-in on 10th May. It is unknown as to what has been taken from the school at this time.

40 children at the school were supposed to sit their SATs exams today and have had to move to the local York High School to take their exams instea.d

Photos taken by the school displays the shocking extent of the damage caused with broken glass on the carpets, furniture broken and drawers ransacked.

Unfortunately, this school is just one of many which have fallen victim to vandalism.


XLR Executive Jet Centres: Using Crimeshield in a Different Way

Posted 4th October 2018 by Helen Leach

Our customer is a private aviation company which offers a number of elite services to their executive travel clients, which includes stylish executive lounges.

We were approached by this customer who had a rather unconventional use for window security, but still, had a problem which needed a solution – and here at Window Security Solutions – we relish a challenge.


School Holidays: Prime Target for Vandalism

Posted 4th September 2018 by Helen Leach

During the summer holidays, more often than not, school buildings are left unoccupied for a number of weeks.

This makes them prime targets for vandals and trouble-makers.

In the past summer holidays alone, many schools have fallen victim to vandalism.

From smashed windows to broken or stolen equipment, many schools are now finding themselves having to raise funds to fix and replace damaged or stolen items to ensure their school can re-open in time for the new school year.

We take a look at a couple of cases which have occurred in recent weeks…