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Blackpool Art Society Installs Hammerglass to Prevent Vandalism

Posted 7th September 2018 by Helen Leach
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After receiving a grant from the National Lottery Fund, Blackpool Art Society approached Window Security Solutions with a core interest in Hammerglass.

Formed in 1884, the Blackpool Art Society is one of the oldest societies in Britain. Blackpool Art Society has its own studio, which was purpose-built in 1972 for its members to use and create different forms of art as well as hosting workshops, demonstrations and talks.

In 2017, Blackpool Art Society was victim to repeated acts of vandalism with incidents occurring just weeks apart. The extent of the vandalism resulted in broken windows which cost £500 each time they had to be replaced.

In January 2017, the society received a grant from the National Lottery to increase and improve the security of the building, to allow more people to continue to use the venue and feel secure whilst doing so.

Blackpool Art Society - Hammerglass

Our Window Security Specialist, Artur Grenda (third from left) at the re-opening of the Art Society.

This prompted Big Lottery Fund Project Manager, Susan Pugh, to look online for an alternative solution to protect their windows from being smashed but would also not prohibit natural light or ventilation from coming through the windows – something that is imperative for an Art Studio.

The Solution…

After researching, they came across Hammerglass, a virtually unbreakable alternative glass – 300 times stronger than normal glass – with all the key aesthetic features as normal glass ensuring natural light could still enter through the windows. They opted for Hammerglass add-on which is designed to be fitted externally over existing windows.

After consultation with the Window Security Solutions team, the Blackpool Art Society decided to fit 9 units of Hammerglass to their windows. The new security system was installed in just one day.

The Result…

Blackpool Art Society - HammerglassUnbreakable Windows







The end result was a significant improvement. Not only do the windows look attractive, but they are protected, whilst not affecting natural light or preventing the windows from opening.

We spoke to Susan Pugh, Big Lottery Fund Award Project Manager for Blackpool Art Society who was delighted with the level of service received as well as the overall quality of Hammerglass:

“From my initial enquiry, I was dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. All my queries were dealt with and answered in full. Artur handled everything wonderfully. Barry came to fit the Hammerglass and was meticulous in his fitting. He took notice of all questions and did a great job of fitting the large windows. 

When asked about Hammerglass windows as a security solution, Susan Pugh said:

“I am extremely impressed with them. They haven’t as yet been put to the test and I hope they won’t be, but it has made our members feel much more secure. The cost will be well worth the security.”

If you would like to find out more about Hammerglass as a window security solution, please get in touch with our window security project specialist, Artur Grenda, on 0161 869 6561 to find out more about how Hammerglass could work for you.

The Hammerglass Brochure

Download our online Hammerglass Brochure to find out more about how Hammerglass works and the types of projects and settings it can be applied to.  If you would prefer a physical copy of our brochure sent to you in the post, request this by email at


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