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Door & Window Security for Warehouse & Industrial Units

Posted 28th November 2016 by Helen Leach
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In the third of our series of articles exploring the window security options for different kinds of premises we’re focusing on warehouses and other types of industrial units. Be sure to read our articles on window security for shops and retail outlets and offices too.

In our earlier articles in this series, aesthetics – protecting the look of the buildings – was a major factor. At Window Security Solutions, we don’t believe that should be the case for warehouses and industrial units.

Given the high-value equipment in such places, we believe that maximum security for doors and windows should be the priority. Ensuring that break-ins of any kind don’t occur is important not only to protect the contents of industrial buildings but to reduce the cost of replacing expensive windows and doors too.

That said, the following factors need to be considered when choosing the right kind of door and window security:

  • Window and door location
  • Window size
  • Cost

Many, if not all, industrial units and warehouses have loading bays which are a weak point, offering relatively easy access to property. Our recommendation for these large doors is, perhaps unsurprisingly, roller shutters.

They provide a strong deterrent and a tough barrier to break-ins while providing fast and easy access to authorised staff. Even though aesthetics shouldn’t really be a consideration, roller shutters can be specified in a wide range of colours to match the branding of the business.

Manufactured from steel or aluminium, our roller shutters can be specified manual or automatic and are high spec, police tested and insurance approved for the highest level of security.

Roller shutters are also recommended for ground floor windows and smaller doors, providing the same level of security for such weak access points.

Above ground windows and doors (for example to mezzanines) offer a less appealing point of access to thieves but depending on the potential prize on offer they are still a target and require robust security measures to protect businesses.

Here the strongest barrier and most obvious deterrent are externally fitted fixed window bars.

Manufactured from solid steel, they provide the strongest possible barrier and are supplied in white as standard or powder coated to almost any colour (again for aesthetic purposes if absolutely necessary).

Other options include Crimeshield – a tough perforated metal screen that fits over existing windows – Hammerglass or Hammerglass Window Guard (which fits over existing glazing), a virtually unbreakable replacement for standard glazing.

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