Window Security for Shops & Retail Outlets

Posted 14th November 2016 by Helen Leach
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The second in our series of articles exploring the window security options for different kinds of premises. Our first covered Office Window Security – this one looks at shops and retail outlets.

There are many different kinds of shops and retail outlets, ranging from small corner shops to large department stores. Locations vary too – some are on the high street, some in large retail parks and some in even bigger retail outlets like the Trafford Centre in Manchester or Bluewater in Kent.

Each has their own requirements when it comes to window security and, similar to offices, there are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Type of Business.
  • Window Location.
  • Window Size.
  • Building Aesthetics.
  • Cost.

Small Shops, Supermarkets & Takeaways

These types of shops are often the target of robberies and burglaries as they generally have a lower standard of security in place.

For these types of businesses limiting access should be the main priority and aesthetics are not really a consideration once the shop is closed.

Roller Shutters on doors and windows are by far the best security option here. They provide a strong deterrent and a tough barrier to break ins and can even be specified in a wide range of colours to match the branding of the business.

Manufactured from steel or aluminium, our roller shutters range from the affordable for businesses on a budget requiring limited security to high specification, police tested and insurance approved for those requiring the highest level of security.

In addition, they can be fitted to most ground floor doors and windows of any size with ease and can be operated either manually or automatically.

For windows above the ground floor – for example on flats above the premises – externally fitted fixed window bars would be the best option. Again, they provide a tough physical barrier as well as a visible deterrent.

Large High Street Stores & Fashion Outlets

Aesthetics and the ability to showcase goods to passing trade are considerations here, even when the business may be closed at night and early in the morning.

These shops often have very large windows to the shop front to show window displays and it’s not an ideal situation to have them covered by roller shutters at any time.

Shop Window Security

Our advice would be to choose Hammerglass or Hammerglass Window Guard (which fits over existing glazing) to provide an impervious barrier and is almost indistinguishable from ordinary glass yet up to 300 times stronger.

The cost of replacing large panes of glass can be massive so while our Hammerglass solutions can appear to be expensive they are hugely cost effective in the long run.

A more affordable option are our retractable window grilles. Fitted internally, window grilles provide a tough physical barrier and visual deterrent when the shop is closed while still allowing people to view displays and can be retracted out of sight during opening hours for an unrestricted view into the shop.

For smaller windows on the premises, Crimeshield is a fantastic option for shop window security. The tough perforated metal screen fits over existing widows, giving the impression of tinted glass from a distance but providing a visible deterrent to burglars when viewed up close.

Products on display will still be visible to passing trade and Crimeshield also lets in up to 60% of natural light, ideal for shoppers and staff within the store. It can be made to measure so virtually any window can be protected with the security grille.

Retail Parks & Large Retail Outlets

Managers of large retail parks and outlet malls should provide security for all their retail tenants. In these cases maximum security should be considered.

The ideal security solution would be invisible during opening hours and very visible when the park or mall is closed to deter any potential  burglars or robbers.

Our recommendation here is once again roller shutters or retractable window grilles on all doors and windows accessible to public and fixed window bars on all other windows to prevent break ins to on site offices and storage areas.

Whatever type of retail business you run, Window Security Solutions has the resolution for you – call us today on 0161 413 0766 or get a FREE online quote now.