Window Security for Offices

Posted 9th November 2016 by Helen Leach
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This is the first in a series of articles exploring the window security options for different kinds of premises. Each type of property has its own requirements, its own unique security issues and, of course, its own solutions.

Today we’re starting with offices.

Offices, whether they’re office blocks, office complexes or high street office builSecurity for Officesdings such as solicitors, accountants or business to business types can be considered at high risk when it comes to crime.

Because they typically contain a lot of high value equipment – computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, printers, photocopiers and in some cases even cash – burglars and thieves target them as a priority. And they use windows to gain access as they provide a weak point – easy to smash, climb through and make an escape from.

The majority of offices have alarm systems in place today, but a surprisingly high amount neglect to protect their windows – and at Window Security Solutions, that’s something we want to put right. But what is the right solution to this common problem?

There are a number of factors to consider:

  • Office location.
  • Window location.
  • Window size.
  • Building aesthetics.
  • Cost.

For high street offices, building aesthetics will be an important consideration – which can limit the options available.Very secure but very obvious external window security bars, for example, may not be ideal.

In this case, installing near unbreakable glass such as Hammerglass or Hammerglass Window Guard (which fits over existing glazing) will provide an impervious barrier and is almost indistinguishable from ordinary glass.

WindowShield After-1

While hugely cost effective in the long run, Hammerglass is one of the pricier options for office window security. For a lower initial outlay, Crimeshield is a fantastic choice.

Crimeshield is a tough perforated metal screen that fits over existing windows. From a distance it gives the impression of tinted glass, protecting the look of the building but providing a visible deterrent to burglars when viewed up close. It also lets in up to 60% of natural light and can be made to measure so virtually any window can be protected with the security grille.

Where aesthetics are less important and strong security is required – for example in office blocks and complexes where a large amount of high value equipment is kept – fixed window bars or roller shutters should be considered.

Fixed window bars are very visible and can be fitted to almost any size window, while roller shutters are the strongest barrier to entry and can be opened when required.

For windows about the ground floor we recommend fixed window bars as it is unlikely any authorised access will be required, while for ground floor windows roller shutters are the better option.

Whatever your window security needs, Window Security Solutions will find the right solutions for you – call us today on 0161 413 0766 or get a FREE online quote now.