5 of the Best Roller Shutter Art Designs

Posted 28th September 2016 by Helen Leach
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Roller shutters for doors and windows provide a high level of security for commercial premises, offering both a deterrent to would-be thieves and a strong barrier to illegal entry.

And even though they can be supplied in a wide range of colours to suit any building, we’re the first to admit they would never be called an attractive addition. Unless, of course…

Roller shutters are only likely to ever be down when a business is closed, which offers a fantastic opportunity to the business owner. With the help of an artist – and there are some companies out there that specialise in roller shutter art – stunning designs can be added to the shutters, which could:

  • Promote the business to passers-by
  • Advertise opening hours
  • Provide strong brand recognition
  • Advertise website/telephone number/email address

In addition, where public facing roller shutters are almost permanently down, on loading bays for example, a strong artistic design could indicate where the public entrance to the business is or how visitors can call for attention.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best roller shutter art we could find and come up with five brilliant designs that not only improve the look of the premises when the shutters are down, but also provide one or all of the above benefits. Take a look.

Diva Hair Studio










A stunning design on the roller shutters of Diva Hair Studio ensures that passers-by will look twice, while also displaying the business’ talents and approach to their work. With the phone number in the signage the roller shutter display doesn’t need any detail and is free to simply look amazing.

Belmore Foot Clinic










This pediatrist has used artwork to indicate a sense of freedom, presumably from foot problems, giving their business a boost whilst also catching the eye once again.

The clever way the design has been split across both door and window roller shutters has made use of all the available space, creating a much more attractive frontage than the plain black shutters otherwise would have done.

Inked Tattoo Studio










With one glance and without even reading the name of the business you know that Inked is a tattoo studio. A simple design on a plain white roller shutter door draws the eye and ensures that the business brand is strongly displayed, even when closed.

This shows that even with a large space to fill simplicity in design can create a striking image that will promote a business well.

Pearson Ferrier Letting Agency










With a number of door and window roller shutters, this letting agency has chosen to promote their brand and give the illusion of the business being open even when closed.

The combination of their logo alongside illustrations of the interior of their premises and their staff at work combine to create a sense of a professional yet friendly business which looks far better than imposing plain black roller shutters.

It’s a design choice that will definitely stick in people’s minds.

Roller Shutter Art, Bristol









Not every design has to promote a business or brand. This roller shutter artwork in Bristol is used simply to make ordinarily dull roller shutter doors look amazing.

Spread across to large areas spit by brick, the artwork creates an amazing visual effect that passers-by will no doubt appreciate.

If you’ve been thinking about installing roller shutters at your commercial premises for their strong security benefits but have been put off by their appearance, then we hope you can take some inspiration from these examples and make the investment.

There are two things you will need to consider. First of all, choose a colour that will suit the artwork design you’re going to implement as it will act as the base colour. Secondly, some local councils have restrictions on the type of designs you can apply to shop fronts and the like so it’s worth checking with them before installing and commissioning the work.

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