Vandals cause £15,000 of damage at Stoke Recreation Ground

Posted 15th September 2016 by Helen Leach
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In an act described as “sickening”, vandals have almost completely destroyed changing facilities at the Springbank Pavilion in Chell Heath, Stoke-on-Trent.


The perpetrators gained access to the building by smashing windows and breaking down doors, after which they destroyed toilets and sinks, electrical fittings, as well as spraying oil on walls and floors throughout the building.

Repairs will cost around £15,000. Speaking about the incident, Councillor Terry Follows said:

“This is an act of mindless vandalism and I am shocked and appalled by it.

“The culprits have systematically and very methodically gone around and destroyed all of the fixtures in the building, using force to break in, wrecking doors and smashing glass.

“The trail of destruction is sickening. It must have taken considerable time to carry out such an attack and the culprits must have made a lot of noise.

The incident is now being investigated by Staffordshire Police, and we urge anyone who may have witnessed what went on or who has any information about the culprits to call the police.”



Vandalism of council-run property is a common occurrence, costing taxpayers thousands of pounds each year. In this case windows were used to gain access to the building, whilst doors were also broken.

Local authorities, sports clubs and other leisure outlets should look to invest in window security and other preventative measures and deterrents to protect their property from not only vandalism but burglary and even arson.

A comparatively small outlay can result in huge savings carrying out repairs to broken window panes, new doors and damaged facilities.

Roller shutters for doors and windows can prevent break-ins, while the likes of Hammerglass, Hammerglass Window Guard, Crimeshield and Vandal Shield can all be implemented to protect access points and deter potential vandals.

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