ONS Crime Figures Underline Success Of – and Need For – Security Measures

Posted 23rd August 2016 by Helen Leach
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Crime figures for 2015, released by the Office for National Statistics  in April 2016, show that while non-domestic burglaries have fallen compared to 2014, the number of criminal damage and arson incidents have risen.

One of the major contributing factors to the fall in the non-domestic burglary – still only a 4% drop – is the willingness of business to protect their properties with door and window security measures.

However, many still fail to protect their premises and those that do don’t go far enough – hence the rise in criminal damage and arson of an alarming 6%.

While a drop in non-domestic burglaries is to be welcomed, it could and should be higher thanks to the latest innovations in security. So why do retail and office premises owners still not act on this?

Window Security saves Money…

Cost is likely to be the main concern,  but when you consider that replacing a shop front window can easily cost around £1,200 every time it needs replacing, the investment in window security can actually save retailers a small fortune in the long run. The same goes for any kind of business premises.

As an example, the cost of virtually unbreakable Hammerglass for a 2000mm x 2000mm window is around £1,650 including VAT. With installation you are probably looking at around £2000 in total.

That’s less than the cost of replacing a similar window twice – and it’s a one off cost.

Hammerglass, of course, is not the only option, with window roller shutters and our own Crimeshield also available to prevent broken windows and save retailers and office premises owners money.

If cost is not the reason for failing to protect business property, it could be aesthetics. Business property owners who have just moved into a newly built and very attractive office building or retailers who don’t want the front of their shop looking like Fort Knox may well be reluctant to invest in security measures.

However, with Hammerglass – virtually indistinguishable from normal glazing – and Crimeshield, which fits over existing glass in a non-obtrusive way, both protect the business while still allowing it to look aesthetically pleasing.

Even roller shutters, which can look unappealing, can be coloured to match the overall look of the building in question.

Visual deterrents like fixed window bars or retractable window grilles can work just as well in reducing crime while remaining unobtrusive.

All of these options prevent burglaries and reduce the risk of criminal damage and arson by protecting the vulnerable access points from virtually any kind of attack.

While it’s clear some businesses understand this, those ONS crime figures could be reduced even further if more looked at the long term benefits of door and window security and invested now, instead of reacting to a costly and upsetting break-in or vandal incident in the future.