Home Security: How Secure are your Doors?

Posted 31st May 2016 by Helen Leach
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For the majority of us, our home is probably the one asset that we need/want to protect. Home is somewhere, where you and your family can relax, eat and sleep, and it isn’t somewhere you want to invite unwelcome visitors too. The external door is a great place to start when looking to improve your line of defence.

It is a well known fact that wooden doors are not strong enough to keep burglars out, even with the toughest locks, wooden doors just aren’t secure enough, plus they require regular retouching to prevent rot and warping as the doors age.

Composite doors, however, are weighted to match the weight of a wooden door and will not warp, twist or bow in reaction to seasonal changes. Composite doors have the feel; look and character associated with a traditional wooden door but also offers the impressive safe keeping and installation properties of uPVC doors.

In a few circumstances, an extra secure door is a requirement; uPVC High Security doors give you that extra protection, leaving you feeling content with your property’s defence against unwelcome visitors.

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We also need to protect our little ones from the door itself, according to RoSPA; studies have shown that around 40,000 child safety door accidents occur every year throughout the UK. However, there are products out there to stop such accidents happening, such as the Fingershield – it was developed to prevent finger trapping accidents. It is a door safety device designed to be functional yet discreet.

Rearshield is also available to prevent finger trapping on the rear hinge side gap, when used together with the Fingershield, finger trapping accidents are completely eliminated, which is one less thing for parents to worry about.

There are many products out there we can buy to protect our things, it is just about finding the right products for you!

Guest Blog by Gen Hulley from Value Doors