Month: May 2016

Home Security: How Secure are your Doors?

Posted 31st May 2016 by Helen Leach

For the majority of us, our home is probably the one asset that we need/want to protect. Home is somewhere, where you and your family can relax, eat and sleep, and it isn’t somewhere you want to invite unwelcome visitors too. The external door is a great place to start when looking to improve your line of defence.


Nottingham Dessert Café hit by Vandalism Twice in 2 Weeks

Posted 23rd May 2016 by Helen Leach

An all you can eat dessert cafe in Nottingham has suffered from vandalism twice in as many weeks, reports the Nottingham Post.


Things to Consider when Moving Offices

Posted 4th May 2016 by Helen Leach

When a business decides to move offices it becomes a monumental task on a par with moving home. In fact, it can be even more complex, as businesses need to consider factors that homeowners do not, such as security and safety.