Which Window Security Product Should I Choose?

Posted 6th April 2016 by Helen Leach
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This is probably one of the most common questions our security experts are asked by home owners, shop owners, office managers, school managers and other property owners and managers, who have been or could be victims of crime and vandalism.

Our range of window security products are wide ranging, with a solution to every problem – the question of which one is right for you depends on a variety of factors.

Firstly, all of our security solutions are suitable for any property, so that’s not the issue.

Secondly, you will need to determine the level of security required and whether the aesthetics of the building are important – because while almost total protection can be provided, it can come at the expense of a building’s appearance! Thankfully, our range of products allow you to consider both to a certain extent.

Let’s take a look at each of our products and highlight what they are best suited for, to help narrow down your search:

Roller ShuttersRoller Shutters

Roller shutters are perhaps the toughest barrier, almost completely preventing break ins, burglary and vandalism (smashed windows/doors). They are also the most visually obvious, deterring all but the most determined criminal.

Roller shutters are best suited for warehouses, office buildings and similar premises where you require a tough barrier and strong deterrent and are not too concerned about how the building looks.

We provide manual and automatic roller shutter for doors and windows and they can be supplied in standard white or brown or powder coated in a wide range of colours to match the aesthetics of your property.

However, as they are very obvious in their physical appearance, they may not be suitable for buildings where aesthetics are an important factor, such as homes and high street shops with large window displays.

Fixed Window BarsFixed Window Bars

Less obtrusive than roller shutters, fixed window bars nevertheless provide a very strong defence against break-ins, as well as a visual deterrent to criminals. They are ideal for homes, offices and other commercial premises where security is a must.

Our fixed window bars are also versatile. They can be fitted externally, preventing break-ins and reducing the risk of vandalism. However, this means windows cannot be opened, which may not be an ideal situation for rooms that need ventilation, such as offices.

To overcome this, our fixed window bars can be fitted internally as well. Installed within the window space on the inside, windows can be opened outwards allowing for ventilation while still preventing any kind of forced entry, though it does mean glazing is vulnerable to vandalism.

Removable Window BarsRemovable Window Bars

For windows where more access than simply opening and closing is required, removable window bars provide the same level of security as fixed window bars, thanks to the extruded aluminium retaining units.

Offices, classrooms, care homes, hospitals and similar premises will benefit greatly from choosing removable window bars. They would also suit homeowners who want to add an extra level of security to feel more secure.

They can be quickly removed via a single lock point to allow full access to the window, ideal for windows where a fire exit may be required during open hours or to move items in and out through the window, or simply when you don’t feel the need for security.

As removable window bars are fitted internally, they don’t provide a highly visual deterrent and, of course, don’t protect a window from vandalism, so you should bear this in mind when choosing the right window security option for you.

Retractable Window GrillesRetractable Window Grilles

The most versatile window security product we supply are retractable window grilles, ideal for a range of situations and locations.

They offer a classic design that is attractive and less imposing than window bars and are equally suited to both domestic and commercial premises. In addition, they can be powder coated to a wide range of colours, further matching your existing décor and even enhancing the aesthetics.

They provide extremely strong protection from both vandalism and break ins and because they are retractable can be used on doors and windows where access may be required.

Retractable grilles can be fitted internally or externally too, so you can choose how obvious they are as a deterrent to would-be criminals and how much they affect the external look of the building.

With their ‘X’ lattice (or ‘S’ lattice insurance approved version) design, they allow plenty of light through without compromising on security, which makes them ideal for ground floor windows and doors in homes and shops.

Other installations could include warehouses, offices, schools and places of worship – essentially anywhere that may need easy access during opening hours but strong security and a good deterrent at night or when closed.

Crimeshield Crimeshield

When aesthetics really DO matter and vandal protection is more important than security from break-ins, Crimeshield is your answer. It consists of a perforated metal screen that is fitted within the window frame, providing discreet security that, from a distance, gives the impression of tinted glass. Up close, it’s a strong, visible deterrent to vandals.

Because Crimeshield barely affects the look of a building, provides almost total protection from vandalism and allows as much as 60% of natural light in, it is ideally suited to shops, offices and schools where broken windows can be a common occurrence and burglary is a danger.

Where windows are made up of a large number of individual panes, Crimeshield is also ideal – it fits to each pane, again giving total protection without compromising on aesthetics. Schools and places of worship in particular would benefit from Crimeshield.

While forced entry can still be made if the window frames themselves are attacked, Crimeshield provides enough of a deterrent to reduce that risk.

Where smaller frame sizes are required, our Vandal Shield product does exactly the same job as Crimeshield but is supplied with a 20mm x 20mm frame as opposed to Crimeshield’s 35mm x 35mm frame – we really do cover all eventualities when it comes to window security.


Retail premises that require the ultimate protection from vandalism and burglary but need to display their goods openly to passing trade, have a rather unique problem.

Large panes of glass in shop fronts are good for advertising but a real target for vandals and thieves. Think of supermarkets, department stores, jewellers and the like – all display their products to the public via such windows.

Many choose roller shutters for protection, bringing them down at night, but this is not always ideal and some may wish to display their goods on a 24 hour basis.

This is where Hammerglass comes in as the ideal solution. Hammerglass is virtually unbreakable and almost indistinguishable from normal glass.

For properties where burglary has become a particular problem – again, jewellers would be a good example – investing in Hammerglass would save a small fortune in the long run by providing a buy once, never replace glazing solution.

Check out our videos to see how tough Hammerglass is.

Hammerglass Window GuardHammerglass Window Guard

Finally, ideal for pubs, restaurants and other premises where you might not want to replace every window but still want the protection afforded by the visually appealing Hammerglass, we supply the Hammerglass Window Guard.

Hammerglass Window Guard is fitted externally in its own frame over existing windows of almost any size, providing protection from break-ins and vandalism almost anywhere.

With Window Security & Safety’s range of window security products available, we have the answer to all of your security questions – it’s really just down to what level of protection you feel you need and how important the look of the building in question is.

Get a free quote online or speak to our security experts  on 0161 413 0766 today to help you choose the right solution.