Protecting Your Pub Business from Arson Attacks

Posted 15th March 2016 by Helen Leach
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Arson causes millions of pounds of damage, lost revenue and insurance claims across the UK every year and in the last few years it’s pubs and clubs that are bearing the brunt of these attacks.


Reports of arson attacks on pubs in the media are increasing. Here are a few examples.

New Bridge Inn, Derby

In late December last year the New Bridge Inn in Shelton Lock, Derby was the subject of an arson attack between Christmas and New Year. The pub’s landlord had only been in charge for three weeks and police were investigating what triggered the attack.

Bay Horse, Knottingley

The Bay Horse pub in Knottingley, West Yorkshire was attacked by two masked men in August 2015. The arsonists poured an accelerant around the premises before setting fire to it and making their escape. Four people, including the landlady, her daughter and two customers escaped unhurt but the building suffered serious fire damage.

Fleece Inn, Addingham

The Fleece Inn, a landmark pub in Addingham near Ilkley, also in Yorkshire, suffered £750,000 worth of damage and £250,000 in lost revenue when a disgruntled barman user lighter fluid in an arson attack. Two people sleeping at the pub, attacked in September 2015, were lucky to escape uninjured.

The Chronicle, Bebington

Another arson attack in September last year saw The Chronicle pub in Bebington, Liverpool, suffer damage to the front door and carpet but fortunately spread no further and no-one was hurt. It did, however, follow another arson attack at a nearby takeaway only a month earlier.

The Firbank & The Black Boy, Wythenshawe

In 2015 two pubs less than a mile apart in Wythenshawe, Manchester, were attacked on the same night. In both cases windows were broken and a flammable liquid poured into the premises before setting it alight. In the case of the Black Boy a man was rescued by three passers by.

Security is a Must

With the number of arson attacks on pubs on the increase it is imperative that landlords and breweries invest in security measures to protect their premises – and themselves.

A number of options are available; including roller shutters, window bars and window grilles. All can help prevent arson attacks that put property and lives at risk.

In the case of The Firbank pub in Wythenshawe, which suffered two further arson attacks in August and September, making it three in three months, they invested in Window Security & Safety’s Hammerglass Window Guard.

Hammerglass Window Guard, is a specially coated and almost impenetrable poycarbonate sheet,  fitted externally in front of existing windows in a tough steel or aluminium frame. It effectively shields the glass from any vandalism and arson attempts without affecting the aesthetics of the building. Hammerglass is certified according to British Police Standards “Secured by Design.”

Talk to us today about our security products and prevent arson attacks being carried out on your pub or club. Call us on 0161 413 0766 or get a free quote online.