How Does Window Security Affect Fire Regulations?

Posted 16th February 2016 by Helen Leach
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A question we’re asked a lot by customers looking to bolster the security of their business premises, is how do our window security solutions affect them in terms of fire safety and regulations?

It’s a fair question, so we’ll try to answer here….

The first thing to note is that, except in occasional circumstances, windows are not considered to be adequate or acceptable means of escape in the event of a fire.

This applies to offices and shops, factories and warehouses and residential care homes. If you choose to fit window security bars, shutters or grilles in your premises, it should not affect your fire safety procedures and precautions – as long as you choose the right option.

Protecting Buildings from ArsonCrimeshield

In fact, the government advises securing windows to protect from arson in their Fire Safety Risk Assessment checklists. They state:

“thoroughly secure all entry points to the premises, including windows and the roof, but make sure that this does not compromise people’s ability to use the escape routes;”

Provided you have adequate escape routes via doors and fire escapes, you need not worry about windows. However, if a window could be considered an escape route you can fit Crimeshield, a sturdy, perforated metal screen, which is mounted in front of an existing window, whilst maintaining full usage of opening windows. Retractable window grilles are also a good option. They can be opened during working hours and locked at night to provide the security you need.

Fire Prevention Removable bars

The government’s guidelines also include keeping windows shut to prevent airflow spreading fire, should it occur.

In the event of a fire, opening windows is actually a bad idea, therefore fitting window bars, grilles or shutters is again not going to be a problem – except in the unusual circumstance, where a window might be needed for an escape.

If there is any doubt in your mind, it is always better to opt for retractable window grilles or removable window bars, which will allow you to  escape from windows if required.

The security of your building will not be compromised as long as the bars or grilles are fixed and locked out of opening hours – no matter the type of building.

Fire Safety Inspection

While we provides this information in good faith,  we would always recommend you contact your local fire officer at your nearest Fire & Rescue Service to request advice or even an inspection.

They will be able to guide you in choosing the correct window security measures for your premises and, of course, we’re here to provide the solutions they recommend.

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