Victims of Vandals: The Cost to Commercial Property

Posted 21st January 2016 by Helen Leach
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Five years ago, riots exploded on high streets and urban areas across the UK, with criminal activity, particularly vandalism, running out of control. Commercial property in these locations was disproportionately affected.

Vandalism to PropertyMany retailers were unhappy when some insurance companies refused to pay out, relying on nineteenth-century legislation requiring that damages be sought from local police forces. The final costs are far from clear, but insurance companies are thought to have paid out in excess of £100 million, along with the same amount from taxpayers, with annual premiums affected. These events highlighted the extent to which owners of commercial property on high streets need to invest in the security of their property, because even if insured, the loss of trading time can hit businesses hard.

The most recent statistics for crimes against commercial property in England and Wales confirm the shocking costs of vandalism, as well as providing insight into the most at-risk types of property and crime trends. As might have been expected, along with burglary-related incidents, vandalism mostly takes place in the evening or night. The findings also state that incidences of vandalism are split roughly equally between weekdays (Monday to Friday) and the weekend. Most significant of all is the statistic that a majority of incidents of vandalism affect buildings, rather than equipment, stock, vehicles and non-building parts of the premises, such as fencing.

While owners of commercial property may be worried by the findings, there are steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of vandalism to your property. Investing in security is the best way to reduce the risks. Indeed, the aforementioned statistics suggest that even modest adjustments to improve security can dramatically reduce the risk of your premises being affected.

It is therefore important to research the vast array of anti-vandalism security products available and to make the best choice for the needs of your property.

Below we’ve listed the different types of  security products available which will ensure heighten the security of your property or business without losing the overall aesthetic.

Vandal Shield is a discreet way to protect windows from damage due to acts of vandalism. It is designed to make a minimal impact on the aesthetics of the property, without compromising on effectiveness. The Crime Shield works in a similar way, allowing you to protect windows from breakages at the hands of criminals.

Fixed and Removable Window Bars are a significant security feature that will deter vandals and prevent much serious damage. Retractable Window Grilles offer increased security functionality, while allowing them to be folded away when the business is at less risk of vandalism, such as during opening hours.

Finally, Roller Shutters deliver excellent protection for shop fronts, doors and windows, not only from vandalism but forced entry and burglary. This range of products allows you to select the most appropriate level of functionality and security for your specific needs, as well as for a range of budgets, from the manually-operated shutter, to automated shutters.


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