A Guide to Cost-Effective Home Security

Posted 20th November 2015 by Helen Leach
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 A person’s home is their castle as the cliché goes and while battlements and moats have lost their popularity, security remains a key concern for many homeowners.

Government figures show that there has been a steady decrease over time in crimes against property, with over 9 million recorded crimes against property in 2003/4, down to just over 6 million in 2013/14. According to the report, one reason for the decline is improvements to home security.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of secure and cost-effective home improvements that will help minimise your chances of experiencing burglary, theft or related crime.

  1. Investment in the short-term can deliver savings in the long-term

One particular reason many homeowners put off installing or upgrading their security is cost. Different types of security features may well require an initial spend, but not all effective security solutions are expensive and these small initial costs can certainly be a good investment. For example, our security products cost from as little as £7.99.

Financial losses resulting from theft or vandalism, or even rising insurance premiums, can catch many people unaware, perhaps striking at a time when they are least able to afford it. Planning security upgrades puts you back in charge, protecting you against the risks of costly and upsetting theft.

  1. Security planning is financial planning

Once you have decided to invest in your home, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. As we have mentioned, planning is crucial to all successful, cost-effective projects.

Research is important, allowing you to find out all the necessary details before taking the plunge and buying your products. And identifying the right kinds of products, that are right for your home, is crucial.

This means that you have to assess just how flexible you are with your security requirements, as flexibility will impact the kind of solutions you should consider. For example, in terms of window security to prevent break-ins, if you need access to your windows, we recommend removable bars or retractable window grilles. However, for a permanent solution fixed window bars would be ideal.

As well as flexibility, visibility should also be a key consideration. For those that want a product which will act as a visual deterrent, roller shutters are an ideal solution. However, if you’re looking for something more discreet, we recommend our Window Shield, which will not impact on the aesthetics of your property.

You may also wish to protect your window from vandalism; if so, Crime Shield or Vandal Shield, which fit on the outside of a window, is the most suitable option. Ultimately, there are security improvements for all types of home and all types of requirements.

  1. Secure your property, secure your profits

The business risks around break-ins and theft from homes can be significant. Many now work from home, perhaps using company phones, laptops and iPads, so expensive and business-sensitive information is potentially at risk. Additionally, many small businesses are run from homes. For some people, the most ‘at risk’ area is around the front door. Our Secure Ring allows you to answer your front doors to strangers safely and also reduces the risk of your door being forced open. The Post Shield is designed to fortify your letterbox, protecting you from unwanted items and fishing.

Factoring the potential costs to businesses from break-ins makes security improvements good financial sense, so its pays to make good choices on effective products. Without them, the hidden costs of your refurbishment project may well increase, if you find that you made insufficient efforts to maximise security in the first place.

You may wish to consider retractable window grilles to deter any unwanted intruders or burglars. They can also be made to a police-preferred specification, which could reduce your insurance premiums, as well as protecting your property to the highest level of security possible.

  1. Security can be design conscious

Improving the security of your home can improve its value. However, another aspect that may be at the forefront of your mind is design.

Incorporating high-quality security mechanisms, without compromising on the impact of a sleek design, can be achieved through a range of products including Hammerglass and Window Shield.  Classic Roller Shutters, bespoke bars and gates prove that security doesn’t have to be at the expense of style.