A Guide to Keeping your Business Secure as the Winter Nights Draw In

Posted 28th October 2015 by Ysabel O'Carroll
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The nights are drawing in and the return of the long, dark winter nights provides additional opportunities for thieves to case buildings and steal your assets.

Insurance giant Aviva studied 10 years’ worth of claims data to find the key trends that show when properties are most at risk of theft and concluded that winter was the most at risk season with an alarming 22% increase in burglaries on bonfire night compared with a typical day*.

Many business premises will start to empty in the late afternoons when it  is already  dark and will still be unoccupied in the mornings before it gets light.

Simple solutions may not be enough.

Security is of course important at all times of the year, but especially so when burglaries peak in the autumn and winter months.

Happily there are steps that you can take to make sure your business secure:

  1. The most obvious protective measure is to make sure that all doors are locked, including internal doors
  2. Close all of your windows and lock away any valuables in a secure place
  3. Turn on your security alarm
  4. Make sure CCTV is in place
  5. Switch your lights on a timer.

Window Security Can Help

If your doors are securely locked, the easiest entry point for thieves is through the windows. There are several ways in which you can tighten window security to deter thieves and keep your property safe.

One way to add security to windows, particularly those on the ground floor, is to install retractable security grilles. These are lockable and provide a tough, steel barrier against the actions of thieves or vandals. Their visual presence is enough to deter most burglars as they can immediately see the problems they would face in trying to break in.

You can also have window security bars installed with fixed or removable bars available.  Removable bars window bars are locked into place on the inside of windows using strong extruded aluminium retaining units, yet can be easily released in seconds to allow easy access for maintenance, cleaning and visibility. The security bars are easy to use and are made of anti-cut steel for additional security and peace of mind.

Roller shutters for doors and windows are another visible deterrent and can be manually or automatically rolled up or down. The shutters also have a locking system, thus providing high security at a variety of price points. These also provide additional protection during heavy rain or snow.

Another aesthetically-pleasing security barrier for your windows is the Crime Shield, which appears to be part of the window design from a distance as it has a tinted effect. This is an attractive and affordable alternative to bars or grilles if the overall look of your business is of the utmost importance.

If you want an invisible solution without any barriers on your windows, then having Hammer Glass fitted may be the best form of security for you. If the outside appearance of your business is very important or you have a wonderful view which you don’t want obscured, this could be the ideal solution. It is visually identical to normal glass but is 300 times stronger making it practically impossible to break. Hammer Glass offers a long-term solution and once it is installed, there are no on-going maintenance requirements.

With numerous approaches to keeping your windows secure at a range of prices, everyone should be in a position to enjoy peace of mind and additional protection this autumn and winter.

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* Source Aviva Insurance