Month: October 2015

A Guide to Keeping your Business Secure as the Winter Nights Draw In

Posted 28th October 2015 by Ysabel O'Carroll

The nights are drawing in and the return of the long, dark winter nights provides additional opportunities for thieves to case buildings and steal your assets.


Bungling Burglars Foiled By Tough Glass

Posted 2nd October 2015 by Helen Leach

In most cases, the favoured point of entry for a burglar looking to break into a property would be through a window. Some windows have locks which are easy to pick or feature glass panes which can be completely removed if necessary. However, this takes valuable time, so a would-be burglar may simply attempt to break the glass to gain entry. This is more likely to happen if the criminal knows the property is currently unoccupied and the sound of the breaking glass will not be heard.