Five things that won’t break Hammerglass

Posted 22nd July 2015 by Helen Leach
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Produced by a specialist team in Sweden, Hammerglass is an extremely durable and resilient solution. 300 times stronger than normal glass, Hammerglass has the capability to withstand an incredible amount of force.


Here are five things that won’t break Hammerglass:

72 Axe Blows

To adhere to security class P8B, a safety rating most typically associated with grilles and rolling shutters, Hammerglass has to be able to withstand 70 axe blows. In safety testing, the process was abandoned after 72 blows. A forklift truck was called upon twice to remove the axe from the glass, a true testament to just how strong Hammerglass is!



Stiletto heels may still be in vogue, but the pressure created by the force on the heel can cause irreparable damage to glass and other materials. In November 2014, a visitor wearing stilettos caused the glass walkway above Tower Bridge, London, to crack. The 530kg panel easily succumbed to the pressure of the heel and has also cracked under the force of a small glass bottle which had been dropped. Hammerglass, however, can survive the pressure of 1,200 women wearing stiletto heels before cracks appear.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are extremely powerful pieces of equipment and can easily cause harm to someone if they walk into the path of the stream of water. Astoundingly it would take 1,739 pressure washers, aimed at the same time, to damage Hammerglass – although it is not advised to clean your windows with this many!


Despite their heavy weight, Elephants don’t exert that much pressure when they move, as they keep two feet on the floor at all times when walking. Because of this, Hammerglass can withstand the pressure of an astonishing 24,000 elephants.

Gun Shots

Although bullet-proof glass is largely considered to be a myth, as ‘bullet-proof glass’ is actually not glass at all. The preferred term is ‘bullet-resistant’, with the material actually made out of acrylic, polycarbonate, or Glass-Clad Polycarbonate. Hammerglass is resilient enough to stay in-tact under the pressure of large volumes of gun shots. In fact, it would take 174 continual gun shots to cause even a crack in Hammerglass.

Hammerglass is a virtually unbreakable glass solution for either commercial, residential or industrial use. To find out more about Hammerglass, click here. Or contact us on 0161 413 0766 to find out how we can help you.

*Calculations based on the strength of annealed glass, which can typically withstand between 40MPa and 70MPa of pressure. Hammerglass is 300 times tougher than annealed and its resistance would be 12,000-21,000MPa.