Shutter Up

The Shutter Up System

Patented Innovation for Protecting Void Properties

The Shutter Up system has been developed over several years to become a complete system for social landlords and local authorities to fit toughened polymer screens to void properties.

Shutter Up is the next generation of void property window and door protection replacing unsightly steel and wooden panels.

The Shutter Up System uses a unique locking mechanism that secures polymer screens to existing windows.

This is a very cost effective way to protect vacant properties and the Shutter Up System can be removed and is reusable for several years.

The unobtrusive Shutter Up mechanism is also easy to fit, does not affect the warranties of windows and doors and does not impair the aesthetics of the building.

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Wansbeck Homes Case Study

The Shutter Up System was first used by Wansbeck Homes in 2008, who are now in their third successive year of using the system.

Using Shutter Up, Wansbeck Homes have achieved substantial cost savings on void property protection in comparison to the steel screens they rented previously. Other benefits were noted but a significant success has been on the Scotland Gate Housing Estate where in the past there were several long term voids. Since they have begun using the Shutter Up System, there is now a waiting list for this estate.

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To request a free quotation for The Shutter Up System please complete our Quotation Request Form or contact our Head Office on Freephone: 0800 980 9444 with approximate measurements for the window openings you would like to protect.

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Shutter Up Product Specification

Shutter Up unit manufactured from polycarbonate.

Tested by trading standards with a 74kg force on one Shutter Up for 24 hour period, can withstand impact to sledgehammer forces, used with special vacuum gel increasing performance.

48mm depth x 120mm width

Shutter Up Benefits

  • Tenant approval.
  • Re-let targets are achieved.
  • Quick installation - can be removed as required.
  • Warranty of windows and doors unaffeced.
  • Reusable for several years.
  • Improves star rating for using innovative products/
  • Cost savings over payback period.
  • Keeps damp out of property compared to steel screens.
  • Minimal skill and training required to complete installation.
  • Lets natural daylight in for work crews.
  • Emergency repair service can be provided in-house.