Security Shields

Window Security Products With Appeal

Our window security shield products prevent window vandalism and keeps intruders out and are a modern but effective alternative to traditional and unsightly window security measures like steel bars and shutters that promote an institutional feeling within.

Unsightly Window Security

Unsightly window grills used on some windows before the attractive and unobtrusive window security shields were installed.                         

From the outside, the window security shields gives the appearance of tinted glass and are barely noticeable from inside a building with daylight still able to enter rooms behind an installed shield. Our window security shields are particularly suited to local authority establishments and public buildings, and are widely specified within the educational arena.

Many schools have embraced the benefit of installing window security shields, not only to protect valuable items such as computers, musical and sports equipment, but also to deter and prevent vandalism. The shields are also flexible enough to prevent or remove graffiti with ease.

The price of a single installation of our window security shields can more than offset the cumulative costs of ongoing problems with vandalism, which often may require not only window re-glazing, but also an extensive broken glass clean-up operation.  

With safety also of the utmost concern, operational down-time is also another unfortunate consequence of break-ins and vandalism.

Window Security Product Range

We understand that there are many factors that our customers have to consider when choosing window security products such as the severity of the problem, the cost implications and the aesthetics of the building.

Within our range of window security products we are confident that we will be able to meet your needs, with the options as follows:

Intruder Shield - Hard-wearing window security and door security protection to keep vandals and intruders out.

Vandal Shield - lower cost alternative to Intruder Shield solely intended for the prevention of vandalism.

Vision Shield – Attractive and Invisible window security protection.

Hammerglass - Hard-wearing polycarbonate glazing alternative.

To read more about our Window Security products please view our Interactive Product Brochure.

As an alternative you may like to consider the application of Window Safety and Security Films that keep dangerous shards of glass together on impact, whether due to accidents, attempted break-ins or vandalism.